The Ashram of the Rainbow
  • one person private or group retreats
  • Relax and Meditate - single or double
  • UOCA Membership Required for Resident

Why Choose U.O.C.A.

UOCA (Unification Organisation for Collective Ascension) will help to create the new human that is inside of you by ascending you from materialism and descending you to who we really are before civilization divided and disconnected us from our true primal self that is not separated from nature. The holistic UNDIVIDUAL human un-divided and one with nature!"


The pole house blends into nature and is run on solar power. Water is pure from the mountain rains. Organic vegetables and fruit are grown on site. Dam to swim and sunbathe on hot summer days.


An area outside for yoga on grass, a veranda for yoga and a yoga and meditation area inside. Blended into nature. Large fireplace for cool winter nights.


There is no mobile reception, and please don't bring a computer, laptop, or tablet. Your retreat is designed to have a break from these devices. Hand them in for safe keeping on arrival.


It is silent. Perfect for meditation. You will not see another soul apart from those here. Your privacy will be respected to be in harmony with nature. In summer some special retreats are in a naturist environment - enquire if interested.The Retreat of the Rainbow grounds

The Ashram of the Rainbow yoga poses inside house
The Retreat of the Rainbow student eating rawfood
The Retreat of the Rainbow teacher



Years of Yoga Teaching Experience


Acres of forest


Vegan Rawfoods & Macrobiotics


Alcohol, drugs, meat, coffee, sugar, or tobacco


Meditation and Yoga are practiced here with a daily schedule which can be tailored to your needs if you wish; guests and residents are required to attend starting 5 am – dawn and dusk is the best time of day according to the ancient sutras. It is not necessary to have had previous experience in meditation or yoga - this will be taught.

Music that is in harmony with the ideals of the organisation is encouraged. There are live meditational music nights called Kirtan followed by Satsangs (talks on yoga); bring an instrument.

Residents are not to consume alcohol, drugs, meat, coffee, sugar, and tobacco. Alternative medicine is strongly encouraged and pharmaceutical drugs discouraged.


There is a kayak course on the Nymboida river. Mountain bike track and trail running. For those interested in fitness training we offer activities including bush walking, jogging, swimming, rock climbing, kayaking, surfing, caving, scuba diving, sky diving, yachting, etc. Also an indigenous elder can teach the land, bush tucker, dreamtime songlines, didge and dot painting. Corroborees can be organised.

These retreats are at an addtional charge - contact us to find out more.


Dhyan Abhay was initiated as Sannyassin of Osho in 1994 and is the founder of UOCA and leads all retreats at the retreat. He is an internationally RSY qualified yoga teacher who trained with Yoga Master, Bipin Baloni at Rishikul Yoga Shala in Rishikesh, India. He saw the light of yoga after questioning the meaning of life at age 27 - qualifying as a solicitor and moving into tax in Melbourne and UK offices of several large international accounting firms - he saw there was more to life than making money. He is fiercely proud of his Scottish heritage in this Scots part of Australia. He has many years experience in yoga worldwide, including several years in India. Trainings with Osho, Satyananda, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Iyengar, 7DA, Tibetan Buddhism and Goenke Vipassana. And has developed his own unique system of Ascension through holistic integration of all aspects of body, mind and spirit. Dhyan will be there to personally guide you through your deep inner experiences and awakening to find out who you really are and how love and life can fulfil you beyond all expectations. He embraces all religions and is interfaith.

James Travers-Murison

Dhyan Abhay


Affiliated with Vedic Yoga Center

Rishikesh, India

Recommended PROGRAM

The program is one to one, private retreats for one or small groups of generally at most six people and very personal. Short term stays are for one week minimum. Recommended donation (below) includes private room (couples may share), three daily vegan organic rawfood meals, smoothies and herbal teas, one group yoga and one meditation class each day, Zen art watercolour and oils classes, bush walks, spiritual healing, spiritual education classes in the Ascension process, rawfood nutrition classes, and transport between Grafton airport, train, or bus and the property.


Extra private tuition in yoga and meditation, holistic massage, Ascension healing and off-Retreat adventure activities are all available at an additional cost but are generally not run by UOCA nor are we liable.


For more info on schedule and extras click here.

The health retreat is non-profit and under a trust with thanks to his father, Major 'Dick' Murison, Gordon Highlanders.

Fee reductions (email us to discuss) are available for those in financial hardship or unemployment, those willing to camp, and those willing to participate in yogic life as a volunteer worker. We need volunteers to help out now. Other options for fee reduction include a long term residency here.

Please note that a 100% deposit is required at booking (for a one week intensive retreat). It may be possible to change booking dates. It is advised that you make a strong commitment to going through the retreat before booking. In spiritual transformation emotions can arise: you must be prepared and committed to go through the whole one week process before booking. Contact us for cancellations or to give feedback/suggestions. Refunds are only given at our discretion depending on your circumstances or if we have to cancel. We take no responsibility if we have to cancel or alter your dates.

Ask about your retreat to make sure it isn't booked out

FIRST CHECK AVAILABLITY BEFORE filling in the application health care form to book.

- if you have any questions, comments, or would like to CHECK DATES to enrol in a retreat, please send us a MESSAGE STATING THE DATES YOU WISH TO ATTEND AND PACKAGE TYPE BEFORE filling in the enrolment health form. Free pick up/drop off from/to Grafton is only done on selected days when group retreats begin and end, otherwise drop off or pick up is $100 one way per car load of up to four. There is currently availabilty on all retreats for 2019. And I would love to see you here!

Our Location

1 Ascension Drive
near Nymboida
Clarence Valley, North Coast NSW,

Call us on

(+61 Aus) 0457 414301 or 02 6649 4277 (if ringing from overseas leave off the first zero)

Email Address

For more info on UOCA's Worldwide Network of Ascension see

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