UOCA Australia Yoga Retreat Program

For this transformative retreat experience to get away and find time for yourself alone, you will enjoy different activities like yoga and meditation sessions, spiritual educational classes, and meditational guided bush walks. This is done in a protected safe environment where the focus is on divine bliss and love where you can really get to know your teacher and the few other guests here and make friends for life. You will also enjoy a holistic massage, zen watercolors and oils class, spiritual healing Satsangs, and vegan or macrobiotic and raw food nutrition lessons - all included in the package. You will enjoy daily delicious vegan or raw food meals and be one of the family staying in a gorgeous two-storey pole house made out of natural sustainable gum trees and solar powered in Australia surrounded by deep forest for hundreds of kilometers in one of the most remote regions on the planet selected to give you the experience of your life. Unification Organisation for Collective Ascension, known as UOCA, will help you to find the new spiritual superhuman that is inside of you by ascending you from materialism and descending you to who you really were before civilization divided and disconnected you from your true primal self and so allow you to become liberated and one with your true inner nature. The program is one-to-one, small groups of generally two to six people and very personal.


  • 05:00 Meditation Vipassana
  • 05:30 Pranayama and Sivananda yoga
  • 06:00 Energetic Ashtanga yoga
  • 07:30 Nutritional breakfast of muesli, fruit, and juice with herbal tea
  • 09:00 Karma Yoga
  • 11:30 Relaxation Yoga Nidra
  • 12:00 Nutrition class in vegan, macrobiotic or raw foods or juices
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 15:00 Meditation Vipassana or Bushwalk or Karma Yoga or Massage or Zen Art Class
  • 16:30 Yin Hatha yoga
  • 18:00 Nutrition lesson in vegan or raw food or juice or smoothie preparation and light meal
  • 19:30 Satsang and live music, you can bring your own instrument; or UOCA studies, teaching UOCA's system regarding yoga activism, ethics, spirituality, politics, economics, science, and environment; or library time

    Not all of these events or classes occur every day.
    Schedule may change without notice at any time.

    Extra Things to do (optional)

    All excursions must be arranged in advance with additional charge:

EXCITING THINGS TO DO WHILE YOU ARE HERE (additional charges apply)

  • Kayaking exciting white water rapids - day or half day (all levels best circuit in Australia)
  • 4WD and Bush trekking - day or overnight camping in Guy Fawkes or Nymboida National Park or Dorrigo Rainforest/Bellingen eclectic village/Russel Crowe's old museum or Waterfall Way Peaks and Dangar Falls - stunning natural scenery in mountains and rivers
  • Scuba diving - day trip Coffs Harbour - two dives - pristine clear waters, fish, dolphins and whales in marine park
  • Rock climbing - day trip in National Park peaks
  • Beach combing - day trip National Park
  • Trail running - half day including competitions
  • Mountain biking - half or full day hill courses
  • Make an appointment for a private in depth yoga or meditation class or spiritual ascension healing or relationship counselling session
  • Relax yourself with a UOCA holistic massage or an UOCA energetic healing private class • Take part in kayaking rapids or a gentle paddle on the Nymboida River
  • Take an excursion hiking around the World Heritage National parks
  • Enjoy surfing, scuba diving, sailing, trail running or rock climbing
  • Explore the area with a four wheel drive and dive into a secret rock pool
  • Ask about American Indian sweat lodge initiation
  • Enquire about intimate Tantric Retreat groups
  • Book for YTTC 200 hour with Shailendra Indian Guru from Rishikesh Vedic Yoga School when he comes to Nymboida to teach
  • Go to a Celtic festival full of bagpipes, medieval jousts, folk music at Australia's only Stone Henge
  • Mountain bike riding hard forest trails
  • Jogging, swimming, caving, and skydiving activities are available
  • Join a naturist nudist retreat where you can completely let go and return to your true spiritual self in the Garden of Eden in a safe and loving non-sexual environment
  • Learn about the Nymboidan culture by talking to an indigenous elder, eat bush tucker, learn their dance and dot art, join a corroboree and find out about the mysterious indegenous Yowie ancestor spirit people in the forest
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