You will have the retreat to yourself and maximum three other guests if doing a private retreat.

You will enjoy two to three daily delicious vegan or raw food organic meals, alongside smoothies and herbal teas. You can also opt for juice fasting. This will be part of your cleanse retreat program to detoxify your body and bring you back to optimum health and happiness.

We try to source organic and grow our own fruit and vegetables with are organic. If you wish only to eat organic food then request this for an additional charge.

Please ALSO don't eat meat or dairy, drink alcohol or coffee, smoke for at least TWO WEEKS before coming to the retreat. This is an honour system of discipline you need to agree to follow before booking because we cannot check on you. SO MAKE THAT COMMITMENT BEFORE CONTACTING.


Guests are not to consume alcohol, drugs, meat, coffee, sugar, and tobacco. Alternative medicine is strongly encouraged and pharmaceutical drugs discouraged.

Your food is high quality mostly organic 40-100% RAWFOODS and about 0-60% macrobiotic Vegan with light cooking. Rawfoods would be encouraged and should be most of the diet. Processed foods are discouraged.

In Winter food tends to be more cooked.

To find out more about rawfoods and Project Eden see Request on your application form if you wish to have a special diet. See below.

HEALTH FOOD OPTIONS - in your application form say which one you want to do

Juice Fast 7 Days

If you wish to juice fast, you will be slowly introduced to this by moving onto salads and fruits, then to vegetable juices and fruits and finally to fruit juices, for two days then you will slowly come out on vegetable juices, fruits then salads back to cooked food.

Sumptuous fruits such as watermelon, papaya, oranges (grown here), mandarins, lychees (grown here), lemons (grown here), strawberries, kiwi fruit, apples, bananas, grapes, plums, nectarines (in season), apricots are available in season.

Summer is the best season for juice fasts.

Water Fast 7 Days

If you wish to water fast, you will be slowly introduced to this by moving onto salads and fruits, then to vegetable juices and fruits and finally to fruit juices, then for two days water only then you will slowly come out on vegetable juices, fruits then salads back to cooked food.

Any time of year.

Mix of Vegan cooked and rawfoods

Most common option is this. Delicious salads of organic homegrown gourmet lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, celery, avocado (in season) oils and balsamic with spices will be served with appetising assortment of brown organic rice, polenta, lentils, chickpeas, falafel, pasta or dry beans of many varieties augmented with various nuts and organic soya beans or tofu. Sometimes there will be vegan cheese or yogurts. Sweet potato home grown here and pumpkins with home grown herbs such as parsley and basil to augment your feast. Curries with pappadams oozing with herbs and spices. Egg plant, capsicum macrobiotically cooked so crisp and light full of nutrition and living enzymes to heal your digestion.
Ideal for Winter.

Only eat Rawfoods

You can request to only eat rawfoods for the week. We will provide delicious rawfood meals and recipes as well as smoothies and vegetable juices. For those wishing to cure an illness this and juices are the best options. Rawfood cakes, icecreams, sorbets, pies, Essene bread are all possible to make your week of rawfoods a special healthy treat.
Learn how to prepare rawfoods so when you go home you can do it yourself.
Best for summer, spring, autumn.

Only eat Organic

If you request this option all your food will be organic sourced. If you want to be completely free from the nasty pesticides, toxic chemicals and fertilisers of processed foods and supermarket vegetables and fruit then choose this. There will be an additional $200 charge for the week per person.
There may be additional charges for the above options depending on the season and availability and what you request. You can specify the food you would like to eat and we will try and source it.


• Breakfast – light meal usually Swiss style homemade muesli full of dried fruit, nuts, coconut, dates, bran and cut fruits with juice and herbal tea
• Lunch – main meal usually salad and vegetables with cooked grains, rices, beans, lentils, etc. Sometimes raw bread and spreads.
• Dinner – light meal usually fruit, soup, Essene raw bread, or snack salad with tofu, nuts, sprouts.
• Drinks – juices freshly made or herbal teas such as peppermint, camomile, cocoa and chilli, dandelion, chia, caro, roobos, spice., homemade Kombucha


• Vegan
• Organic
• Rawfood
• Gluten free
• Wheat free
• Lactose free
• Food allergies

Why do rawfoods?

A. Longevity and curing disease
  I. Soma (chromosomes, lycosomes, ribosomes, etc) in cells regenerated by raw foods diet
II. Reduction of food intake increases longevity
III. Cooking food creates carcinogenic free radicals / reducing nutrients / denaturing reaction compounds
IV. Caramelisation of soma in cells due to accumulation of fat and sugar
V. Enzyme systems synergy research in digestive tract – enzyme stomach, total enzyme potential
VI. Effect of raw foods on degenerative diseases and immune system response
VII. Diabetes and sugar levels - enzyme replacement of insulin
VIII. Arthritis and effects of enterocyte enzymes
IX. Micro-nutrient effect on health and protective factors in plants - Sapody’s CaPNaK balance system
X. Millaird Reaction, N-nitrosamines, Oxysterols, PAH and HCA’s as mutogens and metabolic and carcinogenic implications
XI. Cardiovascular, strokes, hypertension and asthmatic effects of rawfoods

B. Purification and Happiness
  I. Raw foods effect on reducing depression and other mental illnesses – ie. Paw Paw’s carpaine acting as a relaxant (Inglett 79)
II. Analysis of diet effects to see if reduction in violent behaviour both domestically and on all social levels – determine if diet transformspeoples behaviour by alteration in chemical hormonal balance in body affecting aggression areas of the brain..
III. Allowing of quicker digestion by raw foods effect on metabolism and so increasing the total energy of a system organism
IV. Removal of heavy loading on body effects on digestive tract and endocrine system
V. Process of a system of detoxification of impurities on a rawfood diet built up by cooked and processed foods and chemicals including pollutants breathed in.

Western culture and traditional societies diets –

We have only been eating a processed high sugar, fat and meat diet for two hundred years. Before that all our food was organic, much raw, most seasonal, and meat was for special occasions for the peasant population in the world prior to industrialisation. Rawfooder and chemist Murray discusses the cultural history of cooking in Western civilisation and how it evolved to replace natural raw foods. In 'Nurition and Physical Degeneration', Price 1939, the diet of Western and traditional peoples were compared. Tribal people examined showed no western diseases in diets where:
∑ Anti-oxidant vitamins were much greater
∑ Most subsisted mainly on plant foods, much rawfood and no processed foods.
∑ Ca, P, Mg, Fe and fat-soluble vitamins were up to 50 times more than in the West

Leaf (73) and Gleeson (87) examined centenarians (people living over 100). There were 63 per 100,000 people in Azerbaijan and 3 per 100,000 in the USA. He concludes the diet of 70% plant matter containing mostly unprocessed food and 1800 calories intake per day on average of these old people was a deciding factor in longevity, along with extended community, exercise and clean air. Trowelland Burkitt in 1981 showed aboriginal disease increased five times after adopting a Western diet.

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