Yoga Retreat near Coffs Harbour, Australia

UOCA’s non-profit rawfood back to nature yoga ashram is located in tranquil subtropical rainforest near Nymboida. We offer yoga, fitness, and meditation to up to six guests at a time. If you want to make profound changes in your life then this is for you.

About the ASHRAM Check Availability
The Ashram of the Rainbow
Hi Potential Volunteer Yogi,

Work exchange is offered for $190 per week and must be paid in advance of coming. There are no refunds for cancelation. So be certain you can make it. Payment can be made by PayPal, after you have filled in the application form and been accepted. As the emphasis is on mediation and yoga, and doing your work as such so you feel comfortable and at ease here, then this is the minimum charge we can offer our help to you fit in and heal here without being pressured to perform. It works best for everyone this way and allows you to take your time enjoying being here and participating and learning.

I would love for you to come stay here and immerse yourself in the yoga. There are a few rules in an ashram. Please read them carefully. They are there to make your stay a transformative one. This is also a new set up so you must be prepared that things are being worked out, experimented and there is a big learning curve for all of us. It is important to be flexible and fit in, and you may be able to contribute a lot to the place developing. Officially the retreat is not yet even open, though bookings are being taken.

You will be taught yoga and meditation. And be able to contribute to the development of the centre. You must follow the schedule of yoga everyday beginning at dawn. Holistic Massage is offered here and taught.

This area of Australia has a lot of cannabis and drug usage, as well as alternative lifestyle. However, this is not a place to take drugs, though if you wish to give up an addiction we can help.

In summer the retreat is also naturist some of the time that means nudist in harmony in with nature. October to April. Depends on weather and specific retreats please enquire further if doubts. Generally the private retreats are naturist in summer, though not all. If this is an issue for you let me know and a non-nudist retreat can be provided.

Interest in political activism to promote environmental, social and economic change for society to become more loving, peaceful and yogic is part of the centre as is an online magazine and media company - those interested in internet media, video, photography and art are welcome. Painting artwork is also available. As is Kayaking on the Nymboida River.

People who want to volunteer to help out and wish further information about this beautiful very private and secluded 260 acre new yoga retreat health centre between Coffs Harbour and Grafton in subtropical Australia, not far from Byron Bay and Nimbin; please contact James at


1. ID - You must show an ID pass and also provide a copy of passport or photo ID sent with your enrolment form. You must supply a current photo of yourself with the application. You must supply a written reference.

2. ENROL - You must fill in a form before coming so I know best how to help you and if this place is right for you. Download the enrolment form at by clicking on check availability. Or

3. ENTERTAINMENT- No internet, computers, mobiles are allowed you have to hand them in. No TV.

4. STAY - Commitment is for one week minimum. If you have other stuff going on outside then sort it before you come as this is an isolated place and it is better you work on yourself here and are not distracted by others outside of here as you won't benefit as much here. Work stay is 6 hours work a day. Generally you will be picked up from Grafton if you don't have a car. If you decide to leave early or are asked to leave for breaking rules, then you either hitch or get a taxi out about $200. If a vehicle is going into town at the same time you may be given a lift but this is not guaranteed. You get one day off a week, usually an excursion in the area such as kayaking, beach, bushwalking, meeting the locals at the market. If you wish you can pay $45 a day up to twice a week to take extra days off if you wish to go deep into your practice here depending on work loads this may or may not be agreed to at the discretion of the manager and is not encouraged and very much a favour to you. Be aware guests are paying much more to stay. We will try and put you in a guestroom, but if no guest rooms are available for you to stay in, there is a volunteer shed that is pretty basic rustic and open air or tents can be provided. If you have a van or mobile home then you can stay there, unless for your own benefit I decide it is better you stay elsewhere on the premises - negative energy, food, electronics and drugs can be a reason why that decision will be made for you and as your car will not be searched you must comply with it by locking up your car and handing over the key until you leave. Once at the ashram you must stay here and not leave the premises unless you have specific permission. Part of the process is focusing your energy here on your development without wasteful distractions.

5. WORK - You will work after breakfast from about 9am-1pm, then 3pm-5pm, hours will vary depending on jobs and you must be flexible so some days may be less hours and others more.

The concept is not hard work, but meditate mindfully while doing chores and keeping in harmony with the Buddhafield here. You won't be rewarded for charging round aggressively upsetting people doing a ton of work and expecting thanks or additional favours. It doesn't work like that here. But if you work hard and mindfully then this will be rewarded with much thanks. Work is fairly light and emphasis is on doing it mindfully and with love. Important to have an open mind and be willing to go through the personal development process at the centre - one to one with the founder. Very important to have a caring compassionate and healing attitude and open to the fact that none of us are perfect and you may well be able to teach people here what you know if you can do it with humility as we are all learning and it is important you are not the sort of person that looks for faults in others or how you might be better than them, even the owner. Permaculture garden being established and help is needed as I am learning how to do this. No arguing or complaining or unasked for advice over work asked to be done even if you feel you know better; this is a practical place and consider that not all of your ideals may be met in environment and health for instance saying you can't hurt tree shrubs whilst path clearing isn't acceptable.

General Daily Schedule (will vary and guests will be at the practices)
  • 6-8 am Yoga
  • 8-9 am Breakfast
  • 9-1pm Work
  • 1-2pm Lunch
  • 3-5pm Work
  • 6-7pm Meditation
  • 8-9pm Music chanting lecture (not everyday)

6. DRUGS - No drugs, no smoking, no alcohol, no meat, no stealing, no lying, no aggressive behaviour in or out of the grounds while you are here. You'll be asked to leave immediately if found doing so taxi or hitch out, no lift will be given. No use of intoxicants (dope, alcohol, etc) for at least one month before you come here and you must be intent on wanting to give up your drug addiction if you decide to come here. If you still think drugs somehow help you in your spiritual journey, then don't come here, there are plenty of other places more suitable for you to explore your psychedelic journey. This is not invalidating that there may be benefits there for some at a price, but often the damage is done and it is all too late to undo the abuse. BUT THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR THAT EXPERIENCE. Some assistance can be given to those genuinely seeking to give up addiction, but you must fully inform this on your application form to determine if this place will work for you. Assistance can also be given to those seeking to lose weight or give up bad diets. Assistance can also be given to those suffering a moderate mental illness. Assistance can be given to those with degenerative diseases and wish to cure by natural means.

7. TATOOS or PIERCINGS - People with excessive tattoos or piercings or a drug dependence would not be suitable candidates for applying to come here.

8. NATURISM RETREATS - The ashram is extremely secluded and quiet. No other people for miles in deep native subtropical forest. Between October to April the retreat is sometimes naturist particularly for the private retreats, so nudism is practiced here on some of those retreats as part of the spiritual opening to greater purity and universal love like the Garden of Eden in a non-sexually competitive or aggressive manner. The choice to wear clothes or not is not an option for the people coming to the naturist retreats, you must be open to this and aware people may be naked. Depending on weather and other factors people may be wearing some clothes, but it is strongly encouraged that you remove your clothes if others are doing so. If you have issues with nudity and yet want to take the step, time will be given to you to a degree. Having clothed people round others wishing to liberate themselves of that burden can be draining. If people act inappropriately in this respect and respecting others here, they will be asked to leave immediately. If you are not comfortable with nudity then best to inform us in advance and there are retreats that do not have nudity we can cater you for, but you must tell us in advance so your dates fit in with a clothed retreat. Physical contact with others must be with their clear permission.

9. A spirit of gratitude is necessary and real transformation can occur and divine joy. If your energy is not appropriate to the ashram and it is not your fault then you may be asked to leave and you must do so that day. You may be given a lift to Nymboida to hitch or catch a bus, at the owner's discretion, otherwise you must get a taxi. You may be paid back pro rata the amounts if any you have paid to stay here.

10. DIET - Food is 70-80% raw in summer. Otherwise macrobiotic cooking process. Vegan. Not all organic. We try. You must eat what is provided and nothing else. Any food you have with you needs to be donated when you arrive. This is very important. Part of the process is controlling your diet and exercising self discipline to eat at scheduled times together. This also overcomes selfishness and greed.

11. There is generally no evening meal, but may be a light snack or fruit. But large breakfast and very large lunch. This is a Buddhist meditation practice and improves sleep.

12. MUSIC - You must participate in the kirtan, chanting and music programs. Musicians are very welcome to play peaceful harmonious spiritual music with love. Guitar is here. Bring your instrument. No electric music allowed except keyboard. No loud music and consult always before playing music here.

13. ASCENSION PROCESS - Schedule of yoga and meditation must be followed unless for health reasons. After one warning is given in relation to work or yoga and you continue to break the rules then you must leave immediately if asked to do so.

Strong emotions can arise doing yoga and personal development so you must be committed to go through the process even if it seems tough. Leaving early is strongly discouraged and if you do so you will not be provided a lift out.

If you really want to develop yourself and prepared to surrender to the Ascension process here and not question it, then come. You may well hear a lot about my journey to get to enlightenment including my Scottish heritage and my father's militarism and the process I use is often confrontational and opens up past wounds to heal them, and re-examine your past to heal it. This includes primal therapy and breath work and dance meditation. If you aren't open to this or simply want a place to go to be involved just with yourself to introspect, then this place will not be for you. It is about learning to live with people and experience them and all their faults and good sides. And getting to know and understand and ultimately love them in a far deeper way. Hopefully to be friends for life. You will be able to engage in many of the retreats, techniques and practices here without charge. And doing so is part of coming here. The yoga and meditation is compulsory. If you don't like the style or feeling tired or want to do your own practice, then this isn't an excuse to not do it. You must do the practices TAUGHT HERE if here.

14. HARMONY - The ashram is a boutique personal place to go deep within your own ego, so it is not a large place nor is it anonymous, and you may be here only with me, though up to three WWOOFers may also be here and six guests. You need to be happy on your own in a remote place and responsible enough to work on your own. You also need to be happy working with myself, as many jobs I will be leading. This is to your advantage as you can learn from me about spiritual life whilst doing the work. And working mindfully with love and humour. You may know more than me in some areas and if so there is an opportunity to teach mindfully without arrogance. The processes I use are democratic and consultative, so I may ask you many questions about how I am setting things up to get your feedback, which is helpful for me and your own process of contributing. I am middle aged and have lived on many ashrams and in India. You must be comfortable working with someone closely who may not be your age, if this is going to cause resentment on your part, best you don't apply to come here. Part of your self development will harmonising with my energy or that of the WWOOFeryou are working with. If you are asked to work with another or myself, then you must do it without complaint and with a spirit of cooperation and learning. This means truly working together in a happy spirit and does not mean avoiding the person or heading off on your own or using your energy to try and make people feel bad by emotionally isolating yourself. If you sense that this wouldn't be right for you because you want to be alone or you want a party place, then do not come.

15. So these are the extra rules for Volunteers. You also have to follow the rules of the ashram set out in the Applicaiton From as well so read that carefully. When you learn to obey you can access greater freedoms and it avoids numerous problems. If you have the courage to surrender to the process you will start very quickly to see how it benefits everyone.

It is also about giving up addiction. Not just to illegal drugs but that is part of it if you even occasionally are taking substances, including prescriptions, alcohol, meat, dairy, coffee and sugar, or even too much wheat, gluten or processed foods, which are also addictive. But also to bad habits that have not served you emotionally, like revenge actions, emotional blackmail of partners, self-pity, depression, hording, disorganised thoughts, obesity and sexual manipulation. All far from loving kindness. And to overcome them and be transformed using yoga and meditation to see the inner truth of your own potential and potential for incredible happiness, joy and freedom from bondage to societies rules and social inhibitions. And to open you to then help others.

The more you put in with positivity, the more you will get out of this place. There is a huge amount of opportunity here for spiritual exploration and creativity in many areas.

This place is unique in the world and none other is set up in this manner anywhere combining rawfoods, naturism, yoga and meditation with social activism to build a better planet a utopia. I have many years experience in both yoga, meditation and alternative health therapies. To find out more about the Ascension process go to Ultimately a huge retreat centre will be established near Cairns called Project Eden.

If you apply to enrol here then do so with the faith that it will transform your life for the better. It is up to you whilst here to get the most out of the experience and your efforts will be rewarded. Complaining and looking for fault are sure ways to waste your chance here.

I hope it is the best experience of your life and leads you to the best possible future. And you need to feel that before enrolling.


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