Hi Potential Volunteer Yogi,

Great if you have experience of yoga and meditation, but you don't have to. You are on a fantastic path that many never find and I believe is the ultimate truth for all of us. If you are backpacking around Oz which I think is the best country in the world, then this is an ideal way to mix travel with yoga. Many thanks for your enquiry and I hope these answers your questions or let me know if they don't. The retreat is just opening and an exciting environment to be in to self-explore, it is small and intimate and very quiet, just up to 4 and at the most 8 guests, so you will get personalised attention - one to one or small group from me. And I am delighted to have you here on the retreat for the share room doing work exchange. Up to four work exchange volunteers may be here.


Work exchange is offered for $100 per week and must be paid in advance of coming for 5 hours work a day. If you stay longer the price is incrementaly reduced per additional week so if you stay two weeks your second week is even less. There are no refunds for cancelation. So be certain you can make it. Payment can be made by PayPal, after you have filled in the application form and been accepted. As the emphasis is on mediation and yoga, and doing your work as such so you feel comfortable and at ease here, then it is recommended you make sure you are fit and strong so we can offer our help to you to fit in and heal here without being pressured to perform. It works best for everyone this way and allows you to take your time enjoying being here and participating and learning. There is also a $200 deposit you must pay on arrival and if you leave early you will lose the deposit. Free pick up and drop off is only given only on selected days, email to organise that day, otherwise there is a $100 charge one way to Grafton and $200 to Coffs Harbour. If you are driving there is 10 kms of gravel road that any car can drive on before you get here, the track in is narrow and has small drainage channels across it so drive slowly. It is signposted at the end of Martin Road.


I would love for you to come stay here and immerse yourself in the yoga. There are a few rules in an ashram. Please read them carefully. They are there to make your stay a transformative one. This is also a new set up so you must be prepared that things are being worked out, experimented and there is a big learning curve for all of us. It is important to be flexible and fit in, and you may be able to contribute a lot to the place developing.

You will be taught yoga and meditation. And be able to contribute to the development of the centre. You must follow the schedule of yoga everyday beginning at dawn. Holistic Massage is offered here and taught.

This area of Australia has a lot of cannabis and drug usage, as well as alternative lifestyle. However, this is not a place to take drugs, though if you wish to give up an addiction we can help.

Interest in political activism to promote environmental, social and economic change for society to become more loving, peaceful and yogic is part of the centre as is an online magazine www.tmmag.com.au and media company www.enligtenart.com.au - those interested in internet media, video, photography and art are welcome. Painting artwork is also available. As is Kayaking on the Nymboida River.

People who want to volunteer to help out and wish further information about this beautiful very private and secluded 260 acre new yoga retreat health centre between Coffs Harbour and Grafton in subtropical Australia, not far from Byron Bay and Nimbin.

The price includes early morning Ashtanga-Sivananda mixed yoga classes with pranayama, afternoon meditation or yin yoga or yoga nidra daily, two or three vegan meals daily, herbal teas, airport pick up at Clarence Valley Airport or bus or train pick up in Grafton, not far from Coffs Harbour. Some evenings there is also Kirtan singing, chanting and music or meditation, or a Satsang lecture on spirituality of Ascension. Zen art classes are also available. For additional cost you can get massage, healing sessions, do kayaking, and local adventure sports. And do juice fasting.


Work exchange is daily helping out with the ashram for 6 hours and is a good way to feel part of the yoga life here and is very flexible so you feel comfortable doing the tasks that suit you, makes you feel more connected to the retreat and keeps the retreat cost so low. It can be cleaning, gardening, making bush paths, handyman jobs, or even computer work. The retreat tries to be sustainable in all its energy needs and growing organic food. The emphasis is to be meditating and enjoying your work. Food preparation and dish washing and every day cleaning including your room and clothes and bathroom are not included in the hours.


Nymboida is sub-tropical, but the nights can still be quite cool especially between April to September and you will need some warm clothes too, but during the day in winter it is about 18-24 C and sunny. October to March it is humid and hot - 30C. You can swim in the dam. There is large secluded native forest on the property to go walking and meditate. The retreat is very quiet, though occasionally there is a light aircraft.


Please let me know as soon as you are ready to confirm your booking and fill in the application form attached which informs me of your health needs. Attach a passport style photo of your face. You cannot book until the application form is sent back and approved. You may then book by credit card and the payment is then non-refundable, unless you just want to change your dates, so make sure you can come then. Please tell me how you are going to get here, and if you need assistance or advice to come here. You'll need to drive, fly or get a bus or train to Coffs Harbour or Grafton. Greyhound bus from Brisbane to Grafton, train from Sydney to Grafton and Tiger Air to Coffs (pick up from Coffs additional charge) are the least expensive.

Here you have an opportunity to really change your life to live like a yogi. To learn to meditate, do yoga, breath and experience nature. It is also about giving up your old ways and habits. This may include drugs, prescriptions, alcohol, meat, dairy, coffee and sugar, or even too much wheat, gluten or processed foods, which are also addictive. But also to bad habits that have not served you emotionally, like revenge actions, emotional blackmail of partners, self-pity, depression, hording, disorganised thoughts, obesity and sexual manipulation. All far from loving kindness. And to overcome them and be transformed using yoga and meditation to see the inner truth of your own potential and potential for incredible happiness, joy and freedom from bondage to societies rules and social inhibitions. And to open you to then help others.

The more you put in with positivity, the more you will get out of this place. There is a huge amount of opportunity here for spiritual exploration and creativity in many areas.

This place is unique in the world and none other is set up in this manner anywhere combining rawfoods, yoga and meditation with social activism to build a better planet a utopia. I have many years experience in both yoga, meditation and alternative health therapies. To find out more about the Ascension process go to www.wna.org.au. Ultimately a huge retreat centre will be established near Cairns called Project Eden.

If you apply to enrol here then do so with the faith that it will transform your life for the better. It is up to you whilst here to get the most out of the experience and your efforts will be rewarded.


I hope it is the best experience of your life and leads you to the best possible future. And you need to feel that before enrolling; please fill in the APPLICATION HEALTH CARE FORM and read the additional rules for volunteers. But first contact Dhyan Abhay at info@ywna.org.au to check availability. Please state how long and when you wish to come for. Work exchange can stay for up to a month. HEALTH CARE FORM

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