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Join the Community and UOCA

Come and live at the Ashram, join the family and build your own house or home here.

Live in a spiritual community of yoga, love and friendship. Vegan without intoxicants for divine health. 

For people who want to escape the material cruel world, this is the place to find your true home and true loving family of UOCA.

Margarita from Spain doing Triangle pose at Nymboida Yoga Retreat


an eco-village spiritual community is planned here, where fellow yogis can live at peace and meditate with each other in the tranquil bush.

To find out more got to

Apply to live here

One Year Internship

Become a member of UOCA and spend one year living and working here to qualify to become a full member with rights to build your own home in Paradise. 

Praying before eating sumptuous vegan feast  at Nymboida Yoga Retreat
Lennie from France collecting leaves as a volunteer  at Nymboida Yoga Retreat


First STEP

Volunteer for one month working here and then apply for provisional membership of UOCA to live here for one year.

Second Step

One year Internship

Experience living and working here for a full year, including teaching Ascension Yoga and managing the ashram

Aperitif non alcoholic of course whilst relaxing with French volunteer lumberjack  at Nymboida Yoga Retreat

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Third Step

Acceptance as Full Member

Build your home here with our help. Become part of the permaculture intentional yogic eco-village. Help UOCA become a worldwide network to change the planet. Teach and educate the world to Ascend. Connect fully to nature in a sustainable caring environment.

Rustic shed holding the super powerful solar system  at Nymboida Yoga Retreat
Volunteer to join the community
When are you available?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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