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Lyn from Germany taking charge of the volunteers in the garden on the yoga retreat..


We'll pay you $1750 if you stay for a month!

We do need VOLUNTEERS right NOW so if you can come right now we'll pay you $1750 when you leave in a month - please let us know. This ONLY applies to the first few who volunteer to come NOW so get in FAST! And you get all accom and food as well, as free yoga and meditation and ability to do the ONLINE YOGA STUDIES for free!!


Volunteering includes refreshing early morning beginners to intermediate Ashtanga-Sivananda mixed yoga classes with pranayama, afternoon some deep inner meditation or yin yoga or relaxation yoga nidra daily, two or three boutique gourmet organic vegan meals daily, selected organic herbal teas. If you wish to engage in a juice fast or combine such with your stay, then let me know asap so you can be catered for. Some evenings there is also Kirtan singing, chanting and music or meditation, or a Satsang lecture on spirituality of Ascension. Zen art classes are also available.



For a very reasonable additional cost you can get massage, healing sessions, do kayaking on the Nymboida River (one of the best kayaking rivers in Australia with white water rapids), and local adventure sports including rock climbing, etc. If you stay long term you may be able to do the UOCA Yoga Teacher Training for one month for a very discounted rate.


The retreat has a 100 secluded hectares of forest in the hills near Coffs Harbour – one and a half hours away. There are bushwalks, dam to swim in, places to relax and commune with nature, mountain views, sandstone cliffs, rainforest and waterfalls, creeks and plenty of marsupials and bird life. Such as Kookaburras, Magpies, possums, rock wallabies, goannas, etc. Beware of snakes and bull ants when on the grounds. Ask where the bull ant nests are when you come here.


You will be sleeping in guest rooms if they are available, share room, dorm or camping. Generally a share room is available with up to 3 volunteers in it. You will have storage space and yoga mat provided. The floors have been revarnished and it is imperative you make all efforts not to scratch the floors in the house by not moving furniture, putting luggage on carpets or in wardrobes, not wearing shoes, etc. Tent may be provided with mattress and bedding if the retreat is full.



Make sure you a torch (not mobile), bring toiletries, cosmetics, moisturisers, etc that are ORGANIC ONLY. A towel and yoga mat, yoga clothing and work clothes and boots. Sunscreen and insect spray. Do not bring any food or snacks here at all unless you it is organic vegan and you wish to donate for all and you have consulted a week prior to arrival.




You will be picked up at Clarence Valley Airport or bus or train station in Grafton, not far from Coffs Harbour, all inclusive.  Unless you have your own car. If you are flying to Coffs Harbour there is a pick up charge.



Work exchange is daily helping out with the ashram is part of the program and is very flexible so you feel comfortable doing the tasks that suit you, makes you feel more connected to the retreat and keeps the retreat cost so low. It can be food preparation, cleaning, gardening, making bush paths, handyman jobs, or even computer or marketing work. The retreat tries to be sustainable in all its energy needs and growing organic food – it has a vegetable garden and fruit tree orchard. The emphasis is to be meditating and enjoying your work. You get a day off each week to explore the area or do a tour with the group here usually Kayaking. We ask you to do more hours here than normal WWOOFing because you get a lot more here. 6 hours a day work is required not including meal preparation. Combined with the yoga program it is a busy day.


You start a yoga class at 5 am,

then breakfast about 8,

9-1 is working,

then preparing and eating lunch till 3 pm,

then working 3-5,

free time 5-7 which may include a snack light meal and prep for that,

7-8 meditation,

8-9 varies from Kirtan to lecture to music to free time to movie – this can extend to 10.

Lights out 10.

This program may vary day to day.




Do not bring the above, except books that are of a spiritual positive nature. If you bring your mobile you need to hand it in – there is limited reception here anyway. This is a chance to escape from technology and meditate connecting to nature in a remote sustainable retreat in the forest. You can have internet or phone access once a week for an hour to connect to friends and family – or anytime in an emergency. You will see the benefits once you break from these electronics. Please do not try and negotiate more time, etc once here.



It is important you are insured against accident. At the moment we have very limited cover for volunteers here and you may not be covered. You are not covered for most work activities that you do here and any dangerous activities including kayaking or swimming in the dam, etc. You are covered if injured doing yoga. You must agree not to make a claim against us if injured. You agree to take the risk yourself if you do these things here.


Shortly we will be getting better insurance cover.




Nymboida is sub-tropical, but the nights can still be quite cool especially between April to September and you will need some warm clothes too, but during the day in winter it is about 18-22 C and sunny. The rest of the time it is humid and hot. There is 100 hectare private valley in large secluded native forest on the property to go walking and meditate – quite literally surrounded by millions of hectares of native forest, national park and very quiet. February to April is the wet season, it cloudy, often raining and hot. August to February is dry and sunny and bushfire season and precautions are necessary here then.


This is a real opportunity to work on yourself without distraction, and get some very experienced help one on one from a yogi who is from your culture. To put aside the stress of the work place and reconnect to your primal self, that has disconnected you from nature. This is the place in remote bush to do that transformation and ascend to the state of UNdividuality – undivided from nature. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me or see or




You may be required to do a RAT test on arrival. We recommend you get a test done before you get here then you can avoid this and possible disappointment if you test positive.


If you have symptoms of covid, tested positive in the last 14 days or been a close contact you need to do a covid test 3 days before you come here, sms the result to us and wear a mask after the test till you come here. And you must inform us of your condition.

There is no social distancing here. Some people at the health retreat may be immune compromised. 

Please fill this form in to apply to come here –



Please fill in the application form which informs me of your health needs at It is extremely important to fill it out truthfully and accurately with as much detail as possible. You cannot book until the application form is sent back and approved. You may then book and there is a fully refundable deposit/bond you need to pay to keep your place. You get it back when you leave on the date you booked to go. If you have any questions about the form please ask and I may ask further questions once it is received. Carefully read the rules at the end and sign it.



• and how you are going to get here, and if you need assistance or advice to come here in the form.

EMAIL US SEPARATELY WHEN YOU FILL IN THE FORM as the form does not notify us when submitted.


Volunteering is a mix of yoga and work. The retreat volunteer program is at no charge. You can make a donation if you wish at the end AND IF YOU STAY FOR A MONTH YOU'LL GET A GIFT OF $1750 to help with your travels in yoga. THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER and may be withdrawn at any time.

You have to pay a bond to secure your place returnable at the end of your stay. If you do not turn up, do not stay your full booked time, behave abusively, or damage property here the bond will not be returned. This also encourages you to take the program seriously with commitment and responsibility for your actions here. A PayPal link will be sent to you once your application form is accepted. If you have financial issues contact us for other alternatives to a bond.

UNLESS YOU JOIN UOCA - as a MEMBER no deposit is required and you can do the Online Yoga Studies for no charge whilst here. To join contact us.



If you decide to proceed you need to avoid eating meat, dairy, sugar or sugary food, drinking alcohol, smoking or taking any intoxicants including coffee and any social drugs, till you come here. And to do at least 15 minutes yoga and meditation and at dawn and dusk every day.



Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a lovely day!


And please meet our local friendly volunteers. Skip Skip, the Joey bush

kangaroo and his mum, who help mow the lawn.

And also King Charlie III, the King Parrot who feeds on his bowl just outside

the dining yoga room and well, he keeps an eye on his royal subjects, and

eats a lot throwing his food about.





Nymboida Yoga Retreat


Hinterland from Coffs Harbour


New South Wales






Lennie from France volunteering by raking leaves to make the Yoga Retreat nice and tidy..
Delicious vegan feast for the volunteers, after a hard days work on the Yoga Retreat at Nymboida. Nachos, wow!
Jo helping out in the veggie patch with the gang. Beautiful vegetables are organically grown here to eat vegan.
Margaret from Spain nurturing and watering the lettuces to later eat in a delicious meal.
Enjoying a relaxing non-alcoholic champagne with French volunteer at the NSW Yoga Retreat in the bush.
French lumberjack volunteer felling trees to create a splendid view of the cliffline in Nymboida
Volunteer girls taking their kayak trip on their day off at the end of the week. Hard weeks work deserves some water fun.
King Charles the King Parrot on his bowl outside the yoga studio in pristine Australia at the Yoga Retreat.
Skip, the junior kangaroo volunteer who helps mow the lawn with his teeth in Nymboida retreat.
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