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Volunteer Now at the Yoga Retreat



Volunteering at the Nymboida Tiny Yoga Retreat in Australia is an enriching experience that offers a multitude of benefits. Here are some reasons why you should consider volunteering at this retreat:


1.      Personal Growth: Volunteering at the retreat provides an opportunity for personal growth. You can learn yoga and meditation, engage in deep inner meditation or yin yoga, and participate in relaxation yoga nidra daily. This can help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your capabilities.

2.      Health and Wellness: The retreat offers refreshing early morning beginners to intermediate Ashtanga-Sivananda mixed yoga classes with pranayama. These practices can improve your physical health and mental well-being, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

3.      Healthy Eating: As a volunteer, you will be served two or three boutique gourmet organic vegan meals daily, along with selected organic herbal teas. This can introduce you to a healthier diet and lifestyle. Including fasting and rawfoods.

4.      Community Engagement: Volunteering allows you to engage with a community of like-minded individuals. You can mix with the guests, help out in the garden, assist with cleaning, and participate in maintenance jobs.

5.      Skill Development: If you are a yoga teacher, you can teach some classes at the retreat. This can help you refine your teaching skills and gain valuable experience.

6.      Nature Connection: The retreat is located in a secluded area with 00 hectares of forest near Coffs Harbour. It offers bushwalks, a dam to swim in, and places to relax and commune with nature. This can provide a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

7.      Affordability: The retreat volunteer program is at no charge. There is a fully refundable deposit bond you need to pay of $450 to keep your place. This makes it an affordable option for those looking to immerse themselves in a yoga retreat experience.

8.      Cultural Exchange: Volunteering at the retreat can provide an opportunity for cultural exchange. You can meet people from different backgrounds and learn about their cultures and traditions.

9.      Adventure: For a reasonable additional cost, you can engage in local adventure sports including kayaking on the Nymboida River, one of the best kayaking rivers in Australia with white water rapids.

10. Contribution: Lastly, by volunteering, you contribute to the retreat’s mission of promoting yoga and wellness. Your efforts can help others have a transformative experience at the retreat.

In conclusion, volunteering at the Nymboida Tiny Yoga Retreat is a rewarding experience that offers personal growth, health and wellness benefits, skill development, and a connection with nature. It’s an opportunity to give back, learn, and grow in a supportive and serene environment.

And if you volunteer right now for a month, you will get a thankyou gift of $1000 for your travels round Australia.

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