Upcoming Events

  • Ascension Yoga Retreat 8 days
    Fri, 30 Jul
    One week to delve deep into yogic lifestyle of Patanjali - get up early, yoga, help out on the ashram, more yoga, trail running. Get super fit with vegan feasts and kayak. Chant and sing. Lift your spirit with communal love.
  • Destress Rejuvenation Covid Free Weekend
    Fri, 06 Aug
    Get out of the stress of your lockdown in home to 100 hectare private valley to relax and walk as you please in.
  • Body & Soul Yoga Retreat 10 days
    Fri, 13 Aug
    Escape the virus paranoia in urban Australia to the safest place in Australia. Reconnect to nature and find ecstatic bliss in your body. Secluded private valley to meditate, do yoga, Zen art, swim, bushwalk and re-experience your soul.
  • Ascension Yoga Bootcamp 8 days
    Fri, 27 Aug
    One week to delve deep into yogic lifestyle of Patanjali. Get fit and lift the spirit. Help out together. Feel love and nature deep in the Nymboida forest. You need to be prepared for hard work. Early start. You won't have time to think. Yama monk vows taken first day.
  • Helpout Volunteer Weekend
    Fri, 10 Sep
    Come and help muck in with cleaning and beautifying the grounds and gardens here on the 100 hectare private valley. Yoga and meditation every day. No cost but donation appreciated and food contribution.
  • Ascension Yoga Teacher Training One Month Intensive
    Mon, 01 Nov
    Learn to teach the Ascension Yoga path to others. Go to the highest limits of your potential in spiritual awareness of who you are and how you fit into this planet's ecosystem.
  • Volunteer
    Volunteer any time.
    Nymboida Yoga Retreat
    Join the team here and have fun helping out!